SMRI Nutsch Filter Apparatus

This is an essential tool for management to evaluate the various crystallization stages in the Boiling House especially the low grade. The mother liquor is extracted from the massecuite for brix and purity analysis. From the analysis the magnitude of the crystallization process is measured by means of purity drops.

The main requirements are speed of operation, ease of handling and the true representation of the extracted molasses to the mother liquor of the massecuite. The model is not water jacketed and has been tested and evaluated thoroughly in the South African Sugar Industry.

Typical Application:
Nutsch the massecuite on discharge from the pan, after cooling in the crystallizers, after reheating and on entering the centrifugal, compare the purity analysis results of the various Nutsch samples and log the purity drops/increase to gauge crystallization (massecuite exhaustion) performance.

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Above: Complete Nutsch Filter Apparatus

Above: Replacement filter element with o-ring