DAC Chiller Unit

Our water chiller unit, in conjunction with a submersible circulating pump, provides water that is used to cool the DAC extract from the Cold Digester and then the Decanter unit, that is sealed in a stoppered glass bottle, to rapidly cool the extract and reduce evaporation.

The stainless steel Cooling Trough is used to cool the bottle containing the sample of juice that was obtained from the Cold Digester via the Decanter unit.

The Trough has two compartments: the cooling section and a sump. The cooling section is filled with sufficient water to ensure that the 220V submersible circulating pump that is situated in the sump, is covered with water. The water flow from the pump is directed from the sump, to the inlet of the Chiller Unit, and then into the cooling section of the Trough.


The Water Chiller unit requires a 220V mains supply, and contains a high/low pressure safety switch, and a thermostat situated on the outer casing to enable the water temperature to be regulated.

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